Our Fees

Our cases are typically handled on a contingent fee. This means in almost all scenarios the client has no out of pocket costs or charges until we obtain a settlement or judgment. If there is no financial recovery, the client owes us nothing.

Our fees are based on a percentage of the recovery we make for our clients. Our fees are typical in the community, while our service exceeds the norm. We strive to provide comprehensive services, including coordinating medical expenses, negotiating medical liens, and properly resolving your case be it through settlement, arbitration, or trial, we are experienced in all facets of personal injury cases.

What Our Clients Say

MDR Law Client Testimonials 

I needed representation on a personal injury case and hired MDR Law. Mike and Eileen worked diligently, advocating for me and my family, getting a settlement far exceeding my expectaitons. MDR’s compassion, attention to detail, and genuine concern for me have earned my highest recommendation.
Brandon C.
Client since 2015
In the midst of the most tragic time in our lives, we had the blessing of Mike and Eileen working tirelessly, in our best interest. To say that they were simply exemplary in their professional capacity would be a gross understatement. Their concern, care, and efforts on our behalf helped us to navigate a nightmare and emerge with hope.
Kimberly T.
Client since 2011
I can not begin to thank you both for the exceptional work you did for me on my case. I wasn’t sure I would ever see a resolution to it after the run-around I initially got from the other party, and I was close to giving up. I’m glad I didn’t, and I am so very glad I found MDR Law!
Molly T.
Client since 2018